How to Properly Clean Dentures

When you’re missing teeth, dentures are a great tooth replacement! They restore your smile, chewing function, and confidence. Like your natural teeth, dentures need to be properly cleaned and cared for. Read our blog post to find out how to clean and care for your dentures.

Signs & Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Routine dental visits are more than about clean teeth for a bright smile. They’re also about the health and function of your overall oral health. Read our blog post to see why Including oral cancer screenings as part of your consistent and preventive care routine can help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

How We Can Help Ease Dental Nerves

Whether it’s a dental visit for a dental crown or oral surgery, it’s common for patients of all ages to get a little nervous when sitting in the dental chair. If you experience nerves during dental visits, have you given dental sedation a try? Read our blog post to learn how dental sedation can help with the anxiety of facing dental procedures.