Pediatric Dental Crowns in Mt. Laurel & Voorhees, NJ

While it’s true that children eventually lose their baby teeth, that does not mean that they shouldn’t be well taken care of. If you believe your child may need a pediatric dental crown, our team would be happy to assess their smile and place a durable crown for them. We offer same-day dental crown services that can have your little one smiling big again in no time! Get in touch with our team today by giving our office a call or sending us a message.

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Why do children need dental crowns?

If a tooth has decayed to the point where a filling is no longer an option, a dental crown will often be used to repair it instead. Teeth that have received a lot of dental trauma or are very discolored or misshapen can also benefit from having a dental crown placed. Crowns are designed to not only restore the appearance of teeth but to protect them from further damage and strengthen teeth that have become weak. Even baby teeth need dental crowns, and once the baby tooth falls out, the pediatric dental crown will come out with it.

What are my pediatric dental crown options?

Growing Smiles offers both traditional porcelain crowns and same-day stainless steel dental crowns for pediatric patients. The benefits of same-day dental crowns are that they can be placed in one convenient appointment, which is great for kids who get very anxious at the dentist. They are also very durable and more cost-effective, which makes them great crowns for baby teeth. Traditional kids’ dental crowns are customized to match the shape and color of the other teeth, so they blend in better. They are often used to restore front teeth.

Are pediatric crowns painful to place?

Before your child’s crown is adhered to their tooth, we will administer a local anesthetic to numb their gums and teeth completely. They may feel some pressure while their tooth is reshaped or when the crown is being modified, but it will not be painful. If your child typically experiences dental anxiety, Growing Smiles offers several safe and effective dental sedation options that kids can utilize. After their appointment, they should just avoid eating anything too crunchy or sticky while their new dental crown fully adheres to their tooth.

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