Kids Dental Sealants in Voorhees & Mount Laurel, NJ

Young smiles can often be vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. Fortunately, dental sealants can help to prevent plaque buildup and keep teeth healthy. Sealants are discrete, but effective and can start protecting your children’s teeth right away. Growing Smiles offers a variety of preventive treatments (including dental sealants) for kids in Voorhees and Mount Laurel, NJ. Reach out to our friendly front-office team today to start safeguarding your child’s smile! Schedule an Appointment

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are coatings made out of a thin plastic that’s applied directly to your child’s teeth. They lock out bacteria and help to prevent infections. They’re usually most effective when applied to the back molars, as those ones are the most difficult to clean during a regular oral care routine. The more accessible front teeth don’t typically require sealants. The procedure is quick, painless, and non-invasive.

When Can Children Start Receiving Dental Sealants?

Because dental sealants are best-suited for back molars, your child should at least be old enough for those permanent teeth to have grown in. Kids’ molars also erupt in separate stages. The first set of permanent molars usually arrives between 5 and 7 while the second set should grow between age 11 and 14.

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

Dental sealants have a long lifespan for such a simple procedure. They can last in place for up to 9 years after being applied, but it’s important to note that their effectiveness can decrease over time. They’re most effective within the 2-4 year period after being applied. As your child continues to come to their regular dental cleanings & exams, we’ll be able to reevaluate the strength of the sealants to see if it’s time to replace them.

Are Dental Sealants Worth The Money?

Cost is often one of the first factors people consider when exploring dental treatment options. When it comes to dental sealants, they’re fortunately one of the most affordable preventive treatments. The upfront cost is generally under $50 per tooth. The biggest advantage however, is that when teeth are protected from plaque buildup you can avoid more expensive restorative work down the road. If you’re still unsure whether dental sealants are right for your child, reach out to us today! Schedule an Appointment


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