Invisalign® Clear Aligner Therapy in Mount Laurel, NJ

If you’re considering straightening your teeth, but the appearance of traditional braces is holding you back, our office proudly offers clear aligner therapy! Invisalign clear aligners are a great alternative for patients wanting to straighten their smile discreetly and just as effectively as patients who wear traditional braces. If you’re looking to learn more about clear aligner therapy or want to get started on your orthodontic treatment, give our office a call to schedule a consultation with our Invisalign dentist in Mount Laurel, NJ.

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How do I know if I’m a good candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners are custom-fitted to each patient and are suitable for teens and adults. However, in some cases, some patients may see better results or have other preferences that suit them for other orthodontic treatments instead of Invisalign. Generally, a good candidate for Invisalign is a patient with a mild case of correction, motivation to wear the aligners every day, and good oral health. Scheduling a visit with an Invisalign dentist who can evaluate your mouth can further confirm if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign.

Does Invisalign clear aligners work faster than traditional braces?

Invisalign tends to provide faster results and treatment than traditional braces. Instead of the two-year average treatment time with traditional braces, Invisalign can produce results in six to twelve months! The shorter treatment time and ability to be almost unnoticeable is what continues to make Invisalign a popular option for straighter teeth.

Is Invisalign more affordable than traditional braces?

Due to its highly customizable and discrete nature, Invisalign tends to be the less affordable option among traditional braces. Clear aligner therapy and traditional braces are both an investment towards a straight and healthy smile. Our office accepts multiple payment options, including major PPO dental insurances, to help make financing your smile easier. To learn more about clear aligner therapy cost and treatment, give our office a call to set your consultation!



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