Kid’s Cleaning and Exams

The foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles is routine dental check-ups. Just like you should be visiting the dentist every six months, it’s important to bring your child in for their own regular dental exams and teeth cleanings. If your kid is at risk for oral health concerns, we may advise bringing them in for more frequent visits. So when should your kid’s first dental check-up be? Either when they get their first tooth or by their first birthday!

Semiannual dental visits allow us to detect any problems sooner, which makes them easier to treat. We want to help your child avoid dealing with a serious issue and help you avoid dealing with a more expensive treatment. Schedule your child’s next dental cleaning and exam at Growing Smiles today!

Kid’s Teeth Cleanings

During your child’s teeth cleaning, a member of our team will remove plaque, tartar, and stains. Next, we’ll polish their teeth since this makes it harder for plaque to stick onto teeth in the future. This is also when we would provide fluoride treatment if your child requires it to strengthen their enamel. When we work, we use a gentle touch and explain what we’re doing in kid-friendly language so that your child feels safe and comfortable in our care.

Kids’ Dental Exams

A kids’ dental exam proceeds similarly to an adult dental exam. We’ll evaluate your child’s overall health by checking for cavities, making sure teeth are developing properly, assessing bite alignment (the way their upper and lower teeth fit together), and looking for any unusual sores or bumps. Our team is also happy to go over best oral hygiene practices, offer nutritional guidance, and discuss how to break certain oral habits like thumb sucking. During this time, we encourage you to ask us any questions you might have regarding your child’s dental health. We are happy to help in any way we can!



We have uploaded our child and adult new patient forms to help save you time. Feel free to print and fill them out at your convenience.

Please be aware that Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to download these forms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At what age should I bring my child to the dentist?

It is recommended to bring your child by their 1st birthday, or when you notice their first tooth erupting. A child’s baby tooth typically erupts at around six months of age.

How many times should I bring my child to the dentist each year?

Just like with adult dental visits, your child should see a dentist every six months. Regular visits to the dentist play an essential role in long-term dental health and can catch early signs of decay and disease.

Is there dental insurance for children available?

Your medical insurance company should have an option for you to add pediatric dental insurance to your plan. However, if you don’t have insurance,  we offer the Growing Smiles Dental Savers Plan that saves you 30-50% off our comprehensive treatments.