What to Do in a Dental Emergency

woman with dental emergency in pain

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to see your dentist. From toothaches to post-surgical complications to chipped or knocked out teeth, we can save your smile if you act as quickly and calmly as possible.

Is it a Dental Emergency?

Before you hit the panic button, ask yourself: is this really a dental emergency? If you have nonstop bleeding, pain, or have broken or lost a tooth, you should see your dentist right away. If you’ve recently had an oral procedure, make sure that you are not experiencing any abnormalities that your dentist described to you.

Even if it may be a false alarm, if you think you need to see a dentist, don’t wait. You could make the potential problem even worse.

Be Prepared

Have your dentist’s information on you in case of a dental emergency. At Growing Smiles, we are available to provide same-day emergency care but not all dental offices do. Make sure you ask your dentist if they offer emergency dental care or if they can recommend someone else who does.

Take Necessary Steps Before You See Your Dentist

Did you knock out a tooth? Take a deep breath, try to relax, and make sure that you put the missing tooth in a glass of milk in order to preserve it. Your dentist may be able to reattach it if you do!

If you have pain and swelling, try doing a salt water rinse to kill bacteria around the affected area and ice your cheeks in 10 minute increments to relieve the pain and reduce swelling.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

There are a few simple ways to prevent a dental emergency. Brushing and flossing daily will keep your mouth healthy and decrease your chances of developing gum disease, which can lead to many complications down the line. If you play contact sports, always wear a mouthguard to protect your pearly whites.

If you or your child has a dental emergency, Growing Smiles is here to help. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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