Is My Child Suffering From Dry Mouth?

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Dry mouth is a condition that can range from mildly annoying to downright painful. When your child is experiencing dry mouth, you want to be sure that you can detect it before the condition worsens. Keep in mind, however, that everyone occasionally experiences dry mouth when they are nervous or a bit dehydrated. But sometimes, it is chronic. We’ve put together the following list of warning signs that can help you spot if your child is suffering from problematic mouth dryness.

  1. Constant Complaint of Thirst
  2. Is your child constantly complaining of thirst? Being thirsty after waking up in the morning is totally normal, as your mouth dries out while you’re sleeping overnight, or after a vigorous play session in the backyard. But if your child is regularly drinking water throughout the day and still continues to complain that they’re thirsty, let our team know.

  3. Sticky Feeling In Their Mouth
  4. Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is generally a condition where saliva glands are not functioning properly. In addition to keeping your mouth hydrated, saliva performs the important tasks of washing food particles off of teeth, aiding digestion, and fighting bad bacteria. When your child’s mouth is not producing enough saliva, they may complain that their mouth feels sticky or that they’re having trouble chewing and swallowing.

  5. Dry & Cracked Lips
  6. Dry and cracked lips can signal a variety of issues, but they are also a warning sign for dry mouth. If your child’s lips are perpetually cracked and dry, especially if they’re also complaining of thirst and a sticky feeling in their mouth, it’s likely that they are suffering from dry mouth.

Consult with Our Expert Team!

If you believe your child is experiencing chronic dry mouth, schedule an appointment for a routine exam at our office. Our team will evaluate your child’s oral health and may prescribe a lubricating mouth spray that can help simulate saliva production. Dry mouth is also a side effect of many medications, or it may be a symptom of a serious disease. We can help find out the cause of your child’s dental discomfort. To ask our team any questions about dry mouth, contact our office today.

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