Dental Fads that Can Hurt Your Oral Health

Fads are constantly coming and going. But when it comes to dental fads, did you know there are some out there that can cause serious harm to your oral health? Here are a few to watch out for:


In the past few years, using activated charcoal to whiten teeth has become common. Don’t fall for this fad! Even if charcoal succeeds in making your teeth seem slightly whiter, it does so because of its abrasiveness, which can end up hurting your teeth much more than it will help. After all, tooth enamel can’t grow back once it’s been lost.

Lemon Juice

Speaking of whitening teeth, many people use a combination of lemon juice and baking soda to achieve the same purpose. But since lemon juice is very acidic, it can wear away your teeth’s enamel and put your teeth at risk for cavities. This is the same reason why you should try and use a straw when drinking water with lemon in it.

close up of slice of lemon in water

Jeweled Tooth Decorations

Jeweled tooth decorations may be back in vogue, but watch out for these accessories. If left on for too long, they can cause permanent discoloration and wear away at your enamel.

Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings, while also a popular choice for self expression, can pose risks to your oral health by inviting in harmful bacteria that contributes to gum disease. Tongue piercings can also damage nerves in your tongue.

Applying Painkillers Directly

Even though you may have heard that applying aspirin or another pain reliever directly to your tooth is a faster way to treat pain, it’s never a good idea, and it can even cause a chemical burn. Swallow the pill instead, and wait for it to take effect.

If you have questions about the safety of a specific dental fad, or your dental health in general, give either of our offices a call today and speak with our friendly team. There’s no dental question too big or too small for us!


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