Should My Child Get Braces or Invisalign?

young girl smiles showing off her braces

Orthodontic treatment is common among young patients and teens. At Growing Smiles Pediatric and Family Dentistry, we offer two different kinds of orthodontic treatments: traditional metal braces and Invisalign® Clear Aligner therapy.

In this blog post, we’ll review both treatment options to help you decide which one is best for your child.

What Are Traditional Metal Braces?

Traditional metal braces consist of metal brackets and wires to help correct bite, alignment, crookedness, overcrowding, and jaw issues to provide your child with a beautifully functional smile. Metal braces require altered brushing and flossing and dietary routines to help maintain general oral health while your child has them, but because they are not removable, they can help adjust your child’s smile without much change to their everyday dental routine. That’s why we suggest younger patients and pre-teens get traditional metal braces over clear aligners.

What Is Invisalign® Clear Aligner Therapy?

For mild to moderate bite, alignment, and crookedness issues, patients can also consider Invisalign® Clear Aligner therapy, which uses discreet aligners to help correct orthodontic issues. Every two weeks, your child will receive a new set of aligners to help further shift their teeth into their desired positions. Aligners are removable and should be taken out when your child eats and brushes their teeth. Because aligners have to be frequently changed out and cleaned daily, they’re best for older patients including teens and adults.

Affordable Orthodontics at Growing Smiles Pediatric and Family Dentistry

Not sure which orthodontic treatment is best for your child? Schedule a consultation at Growing Smiles Pediatric and Family Dentistry today! Our staff will work with you and your child to understand their unique needs and come up with a treatment plan that suits them and your budget.

And if you’re looking for a new dentist or orthodontist for yourself, we also see adult patients to offer up convenient scheduling for the whole family. We look forward to seeing you!

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