Best & Worst Snacks for Your Teeth

man eating doughnut looking worried

It’s well-known that daily brushing and flossing helps keep teeth and gums healthy and that regular check-ups with a dentist prevent small issues from growing. However, did you know that certain foods can hurt your dental health while others can improve and protect it? What people choose as daily snacks makes a difference to their smile. Here are some foods to enjoy and some to avoid:



Studies show that eating cheese raises the pH levels in the mouth. This lowers the risk of tooth decay. Cheese also has calcium and protein, which help the tooth enamel stay strong.


While yogurt is also high in protein and calcium, it also has good bacteria. This bacteria crowds out the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. It is important that the yogurt be sugar-free to gain these benefits.


Celery acts similar to a toothbrush when eaten. It scrapes away particles and bacteria. It is also high in vitamins A and C, and these two antioxidants promote gum health.


While they are high in sugar, apples are a good food for oral health. The vitamins in apples promote gum health, and the fiber forces chewing, which promotes saliva buildup and helps wash away food particles and bacteria.


Refined White Breads

If you can, you should avoid breads made from refined white flour. This type of bread quickly breaks down into a pasty starch that sticks to teeth and in crevices. This can increase cavities. Going for whole wheat breads is a good option as they don’t have as much sugar and don’t break down as fast.


It is safe to say that most know excessive drinking is detrimental to health. It is also hard on the teeth and gums. Alcohol dries out the mouth, and saliva is important for washing away particles. The added sugar of mixed drinks can also damage teeth.

Carbonated Drinks

It’s common knowledge that sugar in drinks hurt teeth. However, most don’t know that carbonated sodas enable plaque to produce more acid. This attacks tooth enamel and weakens teeth. Sodas also dry out the mouth, reducing saliva. Instead of sodas, go for water.

Potato Chips

The starch in potato chips becomes sugar as it breaks down. This can get stuck in between teeth and feed bacteria.

Next time you reach for a snack, take the time to consider its affect on your dental health. Your smile will thank you for it! If you want more tips or you’d like to schedule a check-up to ensure that you or your child’s teeth are in great health, contact us at Growing Smiles! 

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