6 Delicious Foods That Are Good For Your Teeth

It seems like people always talk about what not to eat and what not to do to be healthy, but some foods are actually good for your teeth and promotes a healthy smile. Positive preventative measures don’t always have to entail cutting out the things we love, so lets hear it for these foods that are good for your teeth!


Fancy cheese Cheese comes in many shapes, sizes and flavors, and all of them are good for your teeth! First off cheese is rich in calcium, which is great for your bones and teeth, it also contains lactic acid that helps to prevent tooth decay. Eat up!

Dark chocolate

Bar of chocolate Probably the most exciting food on this list, chocolate contains the cacao compound CBH which hardens tooth enamel and increases your resistance to cavities and tooth sensitivity. Try to find dark chocolate with higher amounts of cacao content.


Bowl of strawberries Berries are typically referred to negatively when it comes to our teeth because of their tendency to stain. Strawberries on the other hand have small seeds that act as scrubbers against bacteria build up.


Salmon and veggies Salmon contains a lot of calcium and vitamin D, both of which keep your teeth strong. Doesn’t matter if it’s raw sushi or pan seared.


Cup of tea with flowers Too much can stain your teeth, but tea in moderation can be good for them. Green and black tea particularly contains the antioxidant catechin that works to inhibit bacteria growth.


Apple sitting on a stack of books Apples are considered nature’s toothbrush for a couple reasons. They contain malic acid which is the same ingredient found in teeth whitening products; they’re also protected by a tough skin that helps clean your teeth when biting into. Pair it with cheese for a healthy and tooth friendly snack! So there you have it, not everything that is delicious is bad for you. Granted, everything in moderation, so don’t go crazy on the chocolate every day! I’m going to prepare a cheese spread now, bon appetit!

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