4 Easy and Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas


Losing a tooth is a huge milestone in a child’s life. It is also an amazing opportunity for you and your family to bond and form lasting memories. We can almost all think back on our childhoods and remember putting our tooth under our pillow at night. That’s why the our friendly staff at Growing Smiles of Voorhees has compiled a fun list of creative tooth fairy ideas. With some imagination and a little parenting “magic”, you can wow your son or daughter as well as help encourage healthy dental habits for a lifetime.

Encourage your child to leave a note… and have the tooth fairy write back!


Work with your child to write a special letter to the tooth fairy to accompany his or her tooth. The fun part? Write your kid back using tiny stationary! You could also create a tiny note with 5-point font, roll it into a scroll, and tie with floss!

Leave ‘evidence’ behind in the form of glitter.

Evidence that the tooth fairy has come and gone can be found at any craft store in the form of glitter. Simply sprinkle on window sills and nightstands and tell your little one it’s fairy dust. For extra fairy magic, leave little “footprints” in the glitter, or leave behind a barbie shoe and say it was the tooth fairy that left it. One good tip? The larger the glitter grains, the easier it is to clean up!

Think beyond money… leave a cherished book!


While leaving money behind from the tooth fairy is a standard way to go, a special gift like a book will last longer and make a bigger life-long impact. Plus, it can be passed down to their own child some day! We recommend something like the classic Thumbelina.

Make it a treasure hunt!


If you have some extra time, considering doing a bit more than just leaving money or a gift behind. Instead, make a miniature map of your home or backyard with clues for your child to find their tooth fairy treasure! Whether you choose to have the treasure be a few coins or a new toothbrush, the adventure and your child’s delight will be well worth it.

Have any other tooth fairy ideas to share? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

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